Honest Evangelism

Rico Tice writes, as he speaks, with endearing frankness. He is real about himself, and real about how it feels to want to talk to friends about Jesus, without really knowing how to do it, when we're always afraid of destroying precious friendships. and not usually keen to sound like a freak.

This is what it says on the cover - an honest book - spelling out the inevitable cost of speaking to friends about Jesus, as well as the cost to them if we remain silent. An honest account of mistakes made, and lessons learned.  Good for the heart. Truth for the head. Help for each one of us. You can obtain a copy from here.

Can we agree to disagree?

On some issues, clearly. So can we “agree to disagree” on sexuality and marriage?

In this piece, written a year ago, Trevin Wax asks a number of helpful questions in this area, for example: “Can believers simply “agree to disagree” on this contentious issue and allow various views to exist within what is commonly accepted as “orthodoxy”?”

This approach is increasingly pressed upon Christians by voices from within and outside the living church. But the teaching of the Bible and the evidence from the whole of Christian history is clear, and rules out that way of addressing the issue. Splits and divisions are always painful, but sometimes vital.

Trevn Wax writes well, thinks clearly and is well worth reading.

Christians in Science

This is a great place to look for answers to all kinds of questions about science and Christian faith. Christians in Science have collected a variety of pdfs, articles, audio resources, videos, as well as a collection of links to further information. They’ve worked hard. It’s an excellent collection. The materials are for Christians without a scientific background, explaining the relevant science and addressing any issues that it presents for a Christian.

Happy hunting!

Capturing God

A new book from Rico Tice, and perhaps his best book so far. Rico takes a single scene, a picture that captures the truth about God.

He writes for Christians of all ages and stages of life and faith, and in a style that is suitable for friends and family members, colleagues and neighbours, who are interested to know more. He writes simply and clearly, with refreshing honesty, often telling stories against himself, which are always winsome and worth hearing.  

Price: £2.69 from the Good Book Company