Do you know what Pancake Day is all about?  Its proper name is Shrove Tuesday and it marks the beginning of a period of time called Lent.  Lent lasts for 40 days in the run up to Easter.  It is 40 days because Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, fasting (going without food) and praying to God.

Lent has traditionally been about “giving up” things we usually over-enjoy, like chocolate or sweets or your mobile phone.  In fact Pancake Day happens on Shrove Tuesday because it was the chance to use up all the flour, eggs and fat before Lent started as you weren’t supposed to eat these things until Easter.  

But COVID has meant though that we are living in a time where we have already given up or lost a lot of things we love doing. So rather than giving up more of our blessings, let’s turn it into thinking about the things we are thankful for.

Counting our Blessings

The idea is 

* For every day of the 40 days of Lent you write on a post-it note one thing you are thankful for.  (It doesn’t have to be anything big - warm PJs, coffee, Zoom calls with friends, the first sight of flowers growing in your garden just as some examples.)

* This can be done as one thing every day for each member of the family or you can take it in turns and have a different person each day.

* Display your post-it on a wall or on a cupboard door so that over time you build up a wall of thankfulness.

* We would love to see your walls at the end of the 40 days.  You can 

      Email us: schoolsworkerstandrewschurch@gmail.com

      Share it with us on our Facebook pages: St Andrew’s Church, Kirk Ella or St Luke’s Church, Willerby

      Send us a Tweet: @StAndrewsChurc7

      Contact us via our website: kirkellachurch.com

As Easter approaches, we’ll create a wall of walls, images of all the thankfulness of the families in our area to remind us of all the blessings we have had even in this difficult time.

Easter activities

Finally, we are planning a Zoom Easter bake along at 4pm on Saturday 3rd April (Easter Saturday).  We’d love you to join us for baking, games and fun online.  Please let us know if you’d like to attend so we can send you an Easter goodie bag (including the recipe so that you can get the ingredients ready beforehand) and the Zoom link.  Could you please contact us by Sunday 28th March.